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Brynna Walthers

Majors: Political Science, Marketing
Minors: History

Brynna Walthers

Hello! My name is Brynna Walthers and I am from New Albany, Indiana. I am currently double majoring under the Degree Plus program in Political Science and Marketing through the Krannert School of Business. I am also minoring in History.

From an early age, I have always had a particular interest in politics and government. I was fortunate to have an excellent teacher prior to college who inspired me to pursue studying liberal arts. I selected my major in political science because I believe it is an important first step in building a strong foundation to my future goal of law school. I loved social studies classes and eagerly looked forward to reading news articles referencing legal disputes. I thrive following the political scene and analytically studying the structure of our government. Purdue’s College of Liberal Arts has an excellent reputation for enriching its students in cross disciplinary education. I am confident I will be prepared to pursue my goals.

I first came to Purdue during my summers in high school for volleyball camp. I instantly fell in love with the campus, the school spirit, and all of the people I met. Now that I am a Purdue student, I know it was the perfect decision for me. I immediately felt at ease, sensing my fellow peers were as like-minded as myself in their drive and ambition. Furthermore, I realized quickly how everyone at Purdue, not only students, were a testament to me having found my place. The friendliness demonstrated by the Purdue community has made a truly large school feel much smaller, as everyone is willing to give a helping hand when needed. I have always felt I was welcomed and really mattered here at Purdue, and am proud to say I have found my home for the years to come as a Boilermaker!

I have always been a very driven student, involving myself in any leadership and service
opportunities that come my way. During my first semester at Purdue, I became involved in the
Lilly Scholars Network, Pre-Law society, and started an intramural sand volleyball team. My
advice for any prospective college student is to immerse yourself by signing up for any
extracurriculars that may be of interest to you. Don’t be afraid to try new things, as they might be
chances to encounter new people or events which may change your life. With hundreds of clubs
and organizations to offer, Purdue is an ideal university to be involved, and all students should
take advantage of the wonderful opportunities Purdue has to offer.

As I planned my college experience, I was very excited to be active in the College of
Liberal Arts here at Purdue because I know I will be taught valuable lifelong professional skills
that will only enhance and prepare me for my life after college. What you can expect to learn
here includes critical thinking skills and analysis, how to solve problems creatively, top notch
research skills, and an overall second to none faculty to guide you along the way. I look forward
to meeting new people and sharing all of my amazing experiences I have made as a Boilermaker
through the College of Liberal Arts.