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Digital Images and Database Access

We currently do not have remote access to the database and images. Those wishing to use digital images can search the database in the VRC to find the desired images and request those images from the librarian. We are working on the issue of remote access and hope to resolve this soon. When available access will be restricted to current PU students, faculty and staff.

User policies

Purdue University faculty, staff and currently enrolled students (collectively, the “authorized users”) may use the contents of the Visual Resources Collection of digital images to display and /or print the corresponding digital images and related content for teaching and research purposes only at the Purdue University, West Lafayette Campus. If authorized users permit individuals who are not “authorized users” to access the database ( for example, via computer terminal) then such individuals (“unauthorized users”) shall be permitted to use VRC images to display the digital images and related content, but they many not copy or print such digital images and/ or the related content.

Authorized users (but not unauthorized users) may copy and print the digital images in limited numbers reasonably necessary for study, research and teaching purposes, or export limited numbers of the digital images to software such a Powerpoint for purposes of teaching, student assignments (including unpublished papers, theses and dissertations), or use in a non-public student or faculty portfolio. “Unpublished” here means a work that is not either printed in hard copies beyond a few copies for deposit in the VRC  or posted on a closed-network, password protected web site, directly or through and html link or the like.


VRC digital images may not be used for preparation of any publication, scholarly or otherwise, or for any other purpose than teaching and research. Images may be used for student or doctoral theses, provided they are not published. If an image is licensed from a commercial vendor, that publication requires a separate license which the user must obtain in writing from the vendor.
Authorized uses may not resell, lease, transfer, rent, sub-license or otherwise distribute a copy of an image from the VRC in whole or in part except as set forth above.