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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can students test out of the PLaCE course sequence before the start of fall semester?

PLaCE offers a test out-option to some qualifying students, based on scores on English language proficiency tests used for admissions. In order to qualify for the test-out option, students must have either:

  1. TOEFL: total score of 100 with writing and speaking subsections of 25 or above, or
  2. IELTS: total score of 7.5 with 7.5 or above on speaking and writing.

Students who meet these criteria will be notified and provided with details about testing. PLaCE staff base their decision on locally administered test scores. Results will be made available within five business days after taking the test. For tests taken during BGR, every effort will be made to have the results before the start of classes. Advisors will be copied on the notification of test results. Students should stay enrolled in SCLA 11000 until they receive notification from PLaCE that they have successfully tested out.

If students do not meet these test-out requirements based on TOEFL or IELTS scores, their advisor has the option of making an exemption request on the student’s behalf. Students cannot submit a request directly; all requests must come through advisors.

2. What about international students with only SAT or ACT scores?

International students from non-English speaking countries will be enrolled in SCLA 11000 if they do not provide official proof of English proficiency. Students without TOEFL or IELTS scores will be contacted to provide these scores if possible. If they do not have Duolingo, IELTS or TOEFL scores, students can schedule an English Proficiency Assessment with the PLaCE testing staff. Based on the results of the assessment test they will remain in SCLA 11000 or be given the option to register for ENGL 10800, SCLA 10100 or a class recommended for their Plan of Study.

3. What are super scores and does Purdue accept them?

Super scores are calculated when a student takes a test multiple times and the best sub scores from each test attempt are used. Purdue does not accept super score or MyBest score results (for more info, see ISS: English Proficiency and Other Standardized Tests). PLaCE uses the most current attempt for placement purposes.

4. Can students retake the TOEFL, IELTS or DET?

Students may submit new scores until August 1 of the Fall semester (or January 1 if admission is in the Spring). Scores are not considered for students who take or retake the test after classes have begun.

5. Can students in SCLA 11000 be exempted from SCLA 11100?

For fall 2024, all SCLA 11000 students will be pre-enrolled on their course request. Students may request an exemption through their instructor. (Forms are available from instructors and in the PLaCE office, YONG 810. Once a determination has been made, both the student and their advisor will be notified of the results. Students should stay enrolled in SCLA 11100; until they receive notification their exemption was approved.

6. Can students who are not automatically qualified take SCLA 11000 or 11100?

Students who would like the additional support of the SCLA 11000 and SCLA 11100 classes may request admission in their course request.

7. Will a student have a choice of taking ENGL 10800, SCLA 10100, or other English class?

ENGL 10800 is available to students who either:

  1. Completed SCLA 11000 and SCLA 11100 or
  2. Met pre-admittance criteria for direct enrollment.

Students who receive an exemption to SCLA 11100 may register for SCLA 10100 or their equivalent, such as ENGL 10800, based on their major plan of study to meet the Written Composition requirement.

8. Can a student register for SCLA 10100 or ENGL 10800 concurrently with SCLA 11000/11100?

Students are not allowed to register for SCLA 11000 or SCLA 11100 concurrently with ENGL 10800 or SCLA 10100. These students are notified they need to re-enroll and drop ENGL 10800 or SCLA 10100. Advisors are copied on this notification.

9. What about Spring and Summer admits?

Spring and Summer admits who are PLaCE-eligible will be enrolled in SCLA 11000, the same as the Fall admits are.

10. When will SCLA 11000 and SCLA 11100 be offered?

Both classes will be offered every fall and spring. SCLA 11100 will also be offered during the summer semester.

11. Can students change their pre-enrolled sections?

If a student has been pre-enrolled in a section, they may change the section themselves during open enrollment.

12. What is the ACE-In test?

The Assessment of College English-International (ACE-In) is a locally developed, locally rated, Internet-based test of academic English proficiency for international ESL undergraduate students at Purdue. The current version contains four modules and eight comparable test forms. All items on the ACE-In are timed to evaluate examinees' real-time abilities to comprehend, read, and speak English. The ACE-In has been used in the Purdue Language and Cultural Exchange (PLaCE) for critical program functions: (1) to inform high-stakes administrative decisions on course placement and exemption; (2) to document students’ proficiency development through pre-post study designs; (3) to gather information for program evaluation.

13. What do I do if a student is not on the list?

If a student is not on the list for your college, it could be due to late admissions, change of major, citizenship, or AP credit that makes them appear as a transfer. These are a few examples. You can check the PLaCE Quick Start Table to see where they should enroll, or you can contact the PLaCE office for additional information.

14. Are students notified of which course they should register for?

Yes, once students are sorted by their scores, they are notified by email which class they should register for during All Aboard Purdue. PLaCE qualified students will be pre-enrolled in SCLA 11000.

15. If a student has an IB (International Baccalaureate) or AP credit, does that fulfill the requirement for SCLA 110?

No. IB and AP credits are not language proficiency tests and are therefore not considered as proof of language proficiency. However, if a student has credit that replaces the Written Communication requirement, SCLA 11000 would not be required.

16. Who should I contact if I have questions?

  • Suzanne Nicolas, Program Coordinator Phone: 765-494-1090
  • Matthew Allen, PLaCE Director
  • Lixia Cheng, Associate Director of Evaluation