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PLaCE Advisor News

May 13, 2024

Undergraduate placement lists for colleges have been distributed to Head Advisors.  Updated lists will be sent after June 1.  For any questions or to receive a direct copy please contact Suzanne Nicolas,

April 30, 2024

Undergraduate Advisor Presentation from Campus Partner update: PLaCE Advisor Update

March 14, 2024

Effective Summer 2024, the PLaCE foundational courses of ENGL 11000 and ENGL 11100 will have the course designation of SCLA 11000 & SCLA 11100. The requirement and placement criteria for these courses remains unchanged. GS 10000 and GS 10100 were the predecessors to ENGL 11000 and 11100.

New Titles, effective Summer 2024:
⦁ SCLA 11000 Language and Cultural Exchange I: Self in Context 
⦁ SCLA 11100 Language and Cultural Exchange II: Texts and Contexts 

Previous Titles:
⦁ ENGL 11000 American Language and Culture for International Students I
⦁ ENGL 11100 American Language and Culture for International Students II

Course Equivalency:
⦁ SCLA 11000 = ENGL 11000 = GS 10000
⦁ SCLA 11100 = ENGL 11100 = GS 10100

SCLA 110 and 111 are prerequisites to first-year composition (ENGL 108 or SCLA 110) for international students with qualifying scores on language proficiency tests. The standard sequence of courses for students in a PLaCE cohort is to take SCLA 110 in fall and SCLA 111 in spring, and then to take SCLA 101 and 102 or their equivalent, such as ENGL 108 and COM 114, based on their major plan of study in later semesters.
SCLA 110 is part of the University Undergraduate Core Curriculum (UCC), as a foundational learning outcome for Human Cultures: Humanities. This means that SCLA 110 counts toward students’ graduation requirements and should not delay their progress in graduating or proceeding into their chosen major concentration. SCLA 111 counts as a humanities elective.