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David Allendorph

BA 1982, Industrial Design
Director of Innovation and Design, Navistar Inc.
Lile, Illinois

Dave leads a team responsible for all Navistar brands interior and exterior design, as well as for Harmony and Craftsmanship for all products within IC Bus, International Truck, e-Star Hybrid vehicles, and Monaco Motorhomes. In addition, Dave has the responsibility of interfacing with the design strategy team, and is the Vice President of engineering and marketing brand development in the establishment and maintenance of a new brand and product identity for the Navistar house of brands.

Dave chair’s regular executive meetings to sheaphard new product designs, develop high-level plans and guidelines for developing and maintaining brand and product design continuity, and to champion these initiatives within the businesses, program teams, and functional engineering to assure a strong and lasting brand image.

Daily responsibilities include supervising design leadership, doing design and program reviews, design planning, and holding ad-hoc executive briefings. In addition to their responsibilities with-in the Navistar brands, the innovation and design team has the added task of designing the interiors and exteriors of products for all Ford commercial trucks (as a part of the Ford/International Joint Venture), Blue Diamond Trucks, LLC., and for Mahindra-Navistar Automotive Limited a Mahindra/Navistar JV. He works closely with Caterpillar industrial design to create products for CAT in over-seas and North American markets through their joint effort.

In addition to his CLA degree, Dave holds a certificate in the Engineering/Management Training Program from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue, and participated in the Pathways Leadership Training methodology. Dave is also a Certified Master Coach by Senn-Delaney Leadership and is available for formal and informal coaching, mentoring, and feedback to develop leadership and coaching skills among the management team, peers, and outside colleagues.

Dave, his wife Linda, and their son, Luke, enjoy sailing, skiing, bicycling, travel, and music.