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Matt Shobe

BA 1993, English II MS 1996, University of Washington

Founder and Chief User Experience Officer, Might AI, Seattle, WA

Matt Shobe is the cofounder and Chief User Experience Officer at Mighty AI. Mighty AI provides structured human insights that companies need to apply their artificial intelligence and machine learning models, including autonomous driving solutions.

Matt’s technology startup goes back over 20 years. Matt worked with three other cofounders on three Chicago startups—FeedBurner (sold to Google in 2007), Spyonit, and DKA—and learned the ground rules in user experience roles with Accenture and Microsoft.

He holds an MS in human-centered design and engineering from the University of Washington and a BA in Professional Writing from Purdue University.

Matt is an avid distance runner, private pilot, and downhill skier, although no such triathlon exists (yet).