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Greg Nika

BA 1991, History

Senior Director, Product Marketing, New Relic, Inc., Portland, OR

After growing up in Chicago, Greg Nika came to Purdue in 1987 with the intent of pursuing a career in pharmacy. He learned halfway through his first semester that this wasn’t his passion, and he changed majors to American History with a pre-law minor, planning to go to law school after earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at Purdue. He became a Counselor at Owen Hall in 1991 and decided to alter course, pursuing an MBA at Krannert focused on finance and accounting, which he earned in May 1994 after his final year as a Staff Resident at Tarkington Hall.

His first job after graduation was as a manager-in-training for Kelly Services in Indianapolis. After learning the fundamentals of operations and sales there, Greg relocated to San Diego to manage Kelly’s on-site account with HP. After taking a promotion with Kelly in Phoenix, Greg returned to San Diego in 1997 and started his marketing career at HP in a Technical Marketing role for the division that launched the first all-in-one inkjet printer. Over almost 15 years with HP, Greg held multiple positions with HP across the Customer Satisfaction & Support, Branding, Marketing Communications Strategy, and eCommerce spaces. Greg’s most significant achievements there included achieving the J.D. Power award for HP’s consumer support experience in North America, and building HP Total Care from a US marketing program into a global sub-brand that remains in HP’s brand architecture today.

After HP, Greg moved into the software space and accepted a role at Intuit as the Group Marketing Manager for the Salesforce for QuickBooks business, an internal start-up within Intuit. Over three years with Intuit, his portfolio grew and in his final year there it included their Point of Sale business, a business that generated over $100M in direct software revenue and significantly more in lifetime payments revenue.

In 2014, Greg moved to OpenTable as their Senior Director of Product Marketing, where he built their global product marketing function from the ground-up as their first product marketing leader in over 16 years. Greg grew the team from just himself to a team of eight including two people in London who managed their international marketing strategy. During his 15 months there, he fielded OpenTable’s first-ever quantitative segmentation in both the B2B and B2C spaces and laid the foundation for the marketing strategy they are implementing today.

In late 2015, Greg joined Glassdoor as Senior Director of Product Marketing in which he helps build competitive differentiation for the company. Over twenty years after leaving Purdue and taking his first job in the talent industry, Greg has been excited to return to the talent space to harness the power of technology, data, and user-generated content to help Glassdoor achieve their mission of helping people everywhere find a job and company they love.

Among other things Greg is passionate about innovation, research and strategy, mentorship and talent development, food and wine, pop culture, travel, and select sports teams near to his heart. He still can’t quite believe his Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year, so he’s doubled down on his dream of living to see a Purdue team win the NCAA basketball championship. Greg currently divides his time between San Francisco CA and Portland OR with his partner of 13 years, Jarrod Scheiffele.