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Jeffrey Moss

BS 1996, Finance & Accounting, Indiana University Bloomington

Founder & CEO, Parker Dewey, Chicago, IL

Jeffrey works with colleges, universities, foundations, companies, and students to help improve the college-to-career transition process.

While there are many organizations focused on supporting college accessibility and providing career training, both admirable and necessary efforts, those who are pursuing a degree or have already graduated are often ignored. As a result, there is a tremendous opportunity to support career launchers, many of whom have demonstrated their skills and grit, successfully overcoming obstacles to earn a degree, though are often underemployed after graduation.

Beyond Parker Dewey, Jeffrey is passionate about the importance of education for all students. After recognizing how lucky he was to be the product of New Jersey public schools (though he did not feel so lucky at the time), Jeffrey has worked to improve educational outcomes for those students who are not so fortunate. Both as an investor and through non-profit endeavors, Jeffrey has supported organizations serving K-12 students, individuals with special needs, college and universities, and adult learners. He also helps his two daughters with their homework.

Jeffrey served in senior operating roles with Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Specialized Education Services (acquired by Catapult Learning). Jeffrey spent much of his career as a venture capital investor supporting technology-enabled organizations in the education, business services, and software sectors. Jeffrey’s investments include Connections Education (acquired by Pearson), Ashworth College, Progressus Therapy, Fleetcor (NYSE: FLT), ProClarity (acquired by Microsoft), Avectra (acquired by Abila), and The SAVO Group.

Some of Jeffrey's other Board responsibilities have included: Chairman of the Board of Workstream (Nasdaq: WSTM), a software provider for human resources departments; OneGoal, a non-profit focused on college accessibility and persistence; and the Illinois Venture Capital Association.