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Jordan Foster

Speaker 1 - Jordan Foster
BA 2019 - Sociology
Sales Manager
Pembroke Pines, FL

Jordan graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Purdue University, accompanied by minors in Anthropology, Human Rights, and Spanish. Immediately after completing college, she secured her first full-time position with Aramark and relocated to south Florida.

Due to the impact of COVID, Jordan experienced a challenging four-month period after her departure from Aramark as new job opportunities for recent graduates were scarce. She diligently applied for various positions and succeeded in securing a role as an inside sales representative at Angi, despite lacking prior sales experience and uncertainty about her affinity for sales.

Much to her surprise, Jordan excelled in the field of sales, quickly establishing herself as one of the top 10 representatives within the company during her first year. Driven by her ambition, she actively pursued opportunities related to leadership development. As a result, she swiftly climbed the corporate ladder and currently holds the position of sales manager, effectively leading a team of 15 representatives for the past year and a half.

Despite her relatively young age, Jordan stands as one of the youngest managers within her company. Her ability to effectively manage individuals older than herself is commendable. Furthermore, her sales team is rapidly establishing itself as one of the organization's finest, demonstrating her remarkable leadership skills. Jordan attributes her rapid success and unwavering determination to the valuable Liberal Arts education she received at Purdue University.