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LaDarius Gorden

Speaker 9 - LaDarius Gorden
BA 2016 - Political Science
Client Services Coordinator
Stitch Fix, Inc.
South Bend, IN

LaDarius Gorden is currently employed as the People & Culture Coordinator at Stitch Fix, Incorporated, where he actively supports the Human Resources department. In 2020, he eagerly joined Stitch Fix, diligently searching for a role that would afford him a well-balanced lifestyle. Prior to his tenure at Stitch Fix, LaDarius served as the Assistant Director of Student-Alumni Programs for Purdue Alumni Association. Graduating from Purdue University in May 2016, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. LaDarius is originally from South Bend, IN, and that's where he currently resides.

During his leisure time, LaDarius passionately engages in content creation, showcasing his creative talents through various mediums. He also cherishes meaningful moments with his family, valuing the importance of quality time spent together. Additionally, he maintains an active lifestyle, dedicating time to participate in sports and physical activities for overall well-being.