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Daniel Poynter

Speaker 12 - Daniel Poynter
BA 2008 - Philosophy
Founder and Executive Director
Carbon Neutral Indiana
Indianapolis, IN

Daniel Poynter pursued his academic journey in philosophy at Purdue University before embarking on a ten-year stint as a skilled web developer. However, his professional path took a significant turn when he transitioned into the role of an executive coach, specifically dedicated to supporting and guiding 100 social and environmental entrepreneurs.

Around 2020, Daniel made a pivotal decision to devote his career exclusively to addressing the urgent issue of global warming. With a resolute focus, he spent an entire year conducting interviews with 300 individuals actively engaged in environmental work. Armed with the insights gained from these conversations, Daniel took the initiative to establish the nonprofit organization known as Carbon Neutral Indiana.

In addition to his remarkable contributions, Daniel Poynter is also recognized as the author of the enlightening book titled "Carbon Neutral Indiana: A Practical Guide to Climate Optimism." This informative publication serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking practical strategies to mitigate climate change.

To learn more about Daniel Poynter and his endeavors, please visit the official website of Carbon Neutral Indiana at