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Languages for Specific Purposes Courses and Instructors

LSP Instructors 







LSP Courses 

 For each semester offerings see COURSES

CLCS 234*: Medical and Scientific Terminology from Greek and Latin Roots
CLCS  384*: Ancient Western Medicine
CLCS 385*: Science, Medicine, and Magic in the Ancient West
FR 224**: Professional French I (varies, see departmental webpage)
FR 324**: Proessional French II (varies, see departmental webpage)
FR 424**: Professional French III (varies, see departmental webpage)
FR 596: Translation: Theory and Practice (varies, see departmental webpage)
GER 223**: German Level IV: Scientific (varies, see departmental webpage)
GER 224**: German Level IV: Business German (varies, see departmental webpage)
GER 323**: German Level VI: Science and Engineering (every semester)
GER 424**: Business German (every Fall semester)
GER 524**: German for International Trade (every Spring semester)
RUSS 424**: Business Russian (varies, see departmental webpage)
RUSS 498: Technical Russian: Russian for Scientists and Engineers (varies)
LC 101: Russian for Rocket Scientists (varies)
SPAN 321**: Introduction to Spanish for the Professions (every semester)
SPAN 322**: Spanish for the Health Professions (every semester); Online version (varies, see departmental webpage)
LC 323/SPAN 323* **: Humanities-Informed Engineering Projects (every spring semester)
SPAN 325**: Spanish for Engineering and Technology (every semester)
SPAN 415: Spanish Translation and Interpreting (every semester)
SPAN 424**: Business Spanish (every semester); online version (varies, see departmental webpage)
SPAN 485: Food and Culture in the Hispanic World 
  * These courses are options on the Plan of Study for the CLA Science and Technology Studies Certificate.
** These courses are options for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.