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What students are saying:


Erik Stewart, Industrial Engineer at Delphi Technologies (German Minor)

"My German abilities developed significantly after taking a multitude of courses specifically related to engineering, science, and business (GER 223, 323, 424, and 524). These courses not only facilitated the learning of technical vocabulary required to comprehend topics in these fields, but also introduced me to advanced grammar topics which significantly allowed me to better understand written and spoken German.

In my current job as an engineer in the electronics manufacturing field, I still use the vocabulary and grammar learned in these classes on a daily basis when discussing engineering topics in German with my German-speaking colleague. I plan to utilize this knowledge in my future career as well when I have business trips to Germany or decide to pursue a career in Germany.

I would highly recommend all of these courses for anyone who has interests in improving their technical German abilities along with learning about science and business topics in modern-day Germany. These courses can absolutely help you become a more well-rounded German student while also allowing you to focus on topics specific to your major or area of interest."

Matous Becker, Water Resources Engineer at Arcadis (German Minor)

"I have always loved learning and speaking other languages, but I really gained confidence working in a professional German-speaking environment after taking "German for Science and Engineering" and subsequently "German for Business" courses. I was able to work for a summer in a biology lab in Aachen, Germany, and was able to engage with the lab staff on technical procedures and problem-solving in the German language right from the start thanks to the preparation I had from Purdue. I am grateful for this background and look forward to utilizing my skills and love for languages instilled in me from my university days."

Jeff Overmyer, Specialist Factory Outlet Merchandising at Adidas Germany, Management (German Minor) 


 “Studying German as a minor has opened doors for me that I never thought possible. After an amazing study abroad experience and fully embracing the language, I was able to obtain a dream job working for Adidas in Germany.  The knowledge I gained from my German studies and the Business German courses, in particular, has allowed me to fully integrate and excel in a German-speaking workplace, as well as provided me with an opportunity to see the world!”


Michael Enright, Assistant General Manager McDonalds in Lafayette, Computer Science Major, (Spanish Minor)


“I work very closely with many Spanish speaking people. My ability to communicate with employees, in English and Spanish, has improved tenfold due to my education in Spanish because my classes have forced me to practice interpersonal communication and learn how to connect with people on a friendly and professional level.

Learning another language makes the student inherently a much better communicator and leader. The lessons and activities utilized in a multilingual educational environment include conversations, interviews, presentations, and, most importantly, listening.

Specifically in Computer Science, there is a large demand for programmers, but there is even greater demand for those in the field that possess interpersonal and leadership skills, both of which are learned in a linguistic-based major (…). My focus at Purdue was Cyber Security. This is a multinational industry, and learning Spanish has opened up many opportunities for me because my technical, interpersonal, and bilingual skills have made me a very desirable candidate”.


 Rachel Cooper, Public Relations, Account Executive, TBWA Paris (French Minor)

“Very rarely do you experience a course so relevant and compelling that it affects the outcome of your professional and personal trajectory. During my time at Purdue, I had the pleasure of taking Business French with Dr. Clotilde Landais. Thanks to the teaching and guidance I received, I completed my MBA in France and am now working in Paris!”.