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Shawn Bauldry

Photo of Shawn Bauldry

Promoted to Associate Professor
Department of Sociology

Shawn Bauldry received a master’s degree in statistics and a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, as well as a master’s from the University of Washington, and a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University, both in sociology. He studies how socioeconomic resources and health interrelate across generations and over the life course.

A Purdue faculty member since 2016, Bauldry is also a faculty associate with the Center on Aging and the Life Course and a faculty affiliate with the Purdue Policy Research Institute.

His recent research included projects extending the flexibility of structural equation models for longitudinal data analysis; developing Stata commands for a more general family of ordered logit and probit models; and analyzing multigenerational effects of education on mortality. His research in quantitative methods and statistics has primarily focused on the development of structural equation models, a broad class of statistical models with wide applicability in the social sciences.

A prolific writer, Bauldry has authored or collaborated on a multitude of articles, reviews, chapters, and policy reports. He also serves as an adviser to numerous masters and doctoral students, is a frequent seminar and conference presenter, and has done extensive work as a statistical consultant.