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Daniel J. Olson

Photo of Daniel Olson

Promoted to Associate Professor
School of Languages and Cultures

Daniel Olson received his Ph.D. and master’s in Hispanic linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin, and a bachelor’s in international studies from the University of Dayton. He works within the fields of phonetics and psycholinguistics, with a focus on bilingual populations.

A faculty member in the School of Languages and Cultures since 2012, Olson’s research investigates the outcomes of language switching, as well as the underlying mechanisms that govern language separation and selection. Among his research interests are phonetics and phonology; prosody, intonation, and suprasegmental phonetics; psycholinguistics; second language acquisition of phonetics and prosody; and bilingualism, language contact, code switching, and language switching.

In addition to his numerous articles and chapters published in academic journals, Olson co-edited Inquiries in Hispanic Linguistics: From Theory to Empirical Evidence (John Benjamins, 2016) with two fellow Purdue faculty members, professor Alejandro Cuza and associate professor Lori Czerwionka.

A spring 2018 fellow with the Center for Undergraduate Instructional Excellence, Olson has twice received research grants from the Purdue Research Foundation (2015-16 and 2017-18) and served as a co-PI within a group of faculty members who received an Enhancing Research in the Humanities grant in 2013-14.