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Current Officers

Any Purdue University graduate student in SLC is eligible for active membership in the organization. Purdue University staff and faculty are eligible for adjunct membership, which means they may not vote or hold office. Active membership is defined as any Purdue student enrolled in one of the graduate student programs offered in SLC. There is no registration or membership process required for students who meet the above-mentioned criterion. Active members are welcome to participate in all SLC Graduate Student Committee events.

Each officer will be elected after nominations during the spring semester and the term of this position will be one year, until the following election. These officers will make up the executive committee of the SLC Graduate Student Committee. Other officers may be elected when it is deemed necessary by the executive committee.


President - Lorena Piña Palacio


Lorena is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Her research interests are focused on the Hispanic Caribbean area, in particular, in the literary representation of identities based on gender, race, and border theories. Currently, she is working with Science Fiction literature written by women in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico published in the XX-XXI centuries.



Vice President - 



Treasurer - Ayaka Matsuo

I’m a Ph.D student in the Department of East Asian Languages, more specifically, I’m in the Japanese pedagogy program. My research interests are second language acquisition, language testing and computer-assisted language learning (CALL). Currently, I’m working on my dissertation project, which is about the development of an online vocabulary learning tool for learners of Japanese. Also, I’m on a TAship and I teach undergraduate courses offered by the Japanese program every semester.



Symposium Chair - Dafne Zanelli

 Dafne is a second-year MA student in the Department of Linguistics and a Spanish TA in the Department of Languages and Cultures. Her research focuses on Second Language Acquisition and Heritage Language Acquisition. She is part of the Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism Research Lab, where she is currently working on subject pronoun expression in child heritage speakers of Spanish. 



Lingua Franca Chair/ Secretary -

Gwenael Bruno & Joel Meredith   


Joel Meredith is a French PhD student specializing in Arthurian studies. He has a deep passion for teaching, fueled by a desire to help students develop linguistic competencies, build confidence, and think more deeply about the world where they live. As a non-traditional student, he is interested in how to make the classroom more accessible for students of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. His research includes Arthurian literature as propaganda, minority languages, and Celtic studies. He is currently working on a project titled Weaponizing Water on the history of Flint, Michigan leading up to and beyond the Flint water crisis.


Gwénaël earned his Bachelor’s degree (with high honors) and his Master’s degree (with highest honors) in Comparative Literature at Sorbonne University. Now a Ph.D. student in Comparative Literature at Purdue University and a Lynn Fellowship recipient, he works on French, British, and Spanish novels from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. While he is mainly interested in poetics, rhetoric, philosophy, truth, and modes of thought, he is also curious about history and sociology. He gave his first conference (on John Milton) at the Renaissance Society of America in April 2021, and is currently working on several projects for publication. 



Workshop Chair - Edier Gomez Alzate 




PGSG Senator - Santiago Parra 

 Santiago is a second-year MA student in the Department of Linguistics. His research focuses on pronunciation acquisition and learning in bilingual speakers. Currently, he is examining the effect that a method of pronunciation called visual feedback have on the voice onset time of Spanish students learning English at an intermediate level. In his free time, he loves learning other languages, going to the gym and reading books. 



Webmaster/Social Chair - Anderson Carmona



PGSG Alternate Senator -




2021-2022 Officers

President - Daniel Carrillo Jara
Vice President - Eduardo Huaytan
Secretary/ Treasurer - Masaki Minobe
PGSG Senator - Jaider de la Hoz
Senate Alternate -  Miluska Guzman Ruiz
PLLS Co-Chair - Snezhanna Pankratova
Workshop Chair - Laura Solano
Newsletter Chair - Elisa Camps Troncoso
Social Committee Chair - Andres Obando-Taborda

2020-2021 Officers

President - Débora Borba
Vice President - Sydney Dickerson
Secretary/ Treasurer - Snezhanna Pankratova
PGSG Senator - Laura Solano
Senate Alternate -  Alejandro Rodríguez de Jesús
PLLS Co-Chair - Emily Delnick & Daniel Carrillo Jara
Workshop Chair - Eduardo Huaytan
Newsletter Chair - Rachel Hackett
Social Committee Chair - Thiago Santos

2019-2020 Officers

President - Niall Peach
Vice President - Débora Borba
Secretary/ Treasurer - Jason Wright
Senator - Daniel Carrillo Jara
PLLS Co-Chairs - Zihan Wang (Literature) & Nan Zhang (Linguistics)
Workshop Chair - Hernán J. Matskevich Rodrígues
Newsletter Chair - Emily Delnick
Webmaster Chair - Tyler Gabbard
Social Committee Chair - Jorge Peréz de Jesús

2018-2019 Officers

President - Heather Offerman
Vice President - Bruno Staszkiewicz Garcia 
Secretary/Treasurer - Emily Delnick
Newsletter Chair: Jason Wright 
Workshop Chair: Mai Takeuchi 
PLLS Co-Chair: James Stratton
PLLS Co-Chair: Debora Borba
PGSG Senator: Naill Peach 
PGSG Senator Alternate: Jason Wright 
Webmaster: R. Tyler Gabbard
Social Chair: Jessica Rohr