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The Department of Russians offers the following courses in Languages for Specific Purposes:

LC 101: Russian for Rocket Scientists

LC 101 is an introductory Russian language course themed around space exploration and space technologies. The course features working with authentic Russian space program materials, including texts, documents, videos, anecdotes, and other cultural resources. The learning objectives include: i) developing basic Russian language skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening; ii) building scientific and technical vocabulary.

RUSS 424 - Business Russian

RUSS 424 deals with various aspects of Bussines Russian and Russian Bussines. The course is aimed at acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for successful communication with Russian business partners. The course covers major business concepts, in particular, transactions regularly conducted in business offices, including business letters, inquiries, offers, and contracts. Students will also discuss Russian etiquette and ethics in business. Instructor: Dr. Olga Lyanda-Geller

RUSS 498 - Technical Russian: Russian for Scientists and engineers

While continuing to work on their proficiency in the Russian language, students taking this multidisciplinary course will learn about history of Russian science and current scientific and engineering technologies. Russia continues to be one of the leading powers in mathematics and many areas of natural sciences, and the ability to foster collaboration with Russian partners and to have a direct access to authentic materials in Russian can spur significant scientific and technological breakthroughs. The course is designed for students with an intermediate to advanced level of Russian and will introduce a wide range of historical and technological topics and the associated Russian language vocabulary.


For more information or questions about the Russian for specific purposes courses, please contact Dr. Olga Lyanda-Geller ().