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John Phelan

BA 1964, History, Purdue
MBA, Columbia University Graduate School of Business

Executive Director (Retired), Hermes Energy Associates, Houston, TX

John Phelan was accepted into the United States Navy Officers Candidate School and upon completion received his commission. He served until January 1969 attaining the rank of Lieutenant.

John’s business career began in 1970 when he accepted an offer from Bankers Trust Company to join its management training program. At the time Bankers Trust was one of the larger ‘money center banks” in the United States. During his time with Bankers Trust he worked in its commodity trading department; its U.S. multinational finance department; and its Latin American department. In 1974 he accepted an offer to start up a banking subsidiary in Houston, Texas. He was named President of Bankers Trust International Southwest Corporation.

In 1978 he stepped away from banking to start up a new venture company, Sportsmen Incorporated.

In 1979 banking called again and he joined the Algemene Bank of the Netherlands. During his years with ABN John helped build a substantial business in U.S. corporate finance, and project finance. He attained the title of Vice President & Group Head. John was also a senior member of the credit committee.

In 1994 he joined the Sakura Bank in New York City, which subsequently became The Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Group. He worked in their U.S. corporate banking group and then became the senior vice president for planning and marketing for structured finance while focusing on project finance. John was a senior member of the credit committee.

John started Hermes Energy Associates in 2002 and was its Executive Director until 2007, when he retired. Hermes was a small consulting and advisory entity located in Houston, Texas, which worked with selected clients primarily focusing on their project finance interests.