Modern Fiction Studies Department of English

Volume 46 - 2000

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Issue 1

Guest Editors: David Attwell and Barbara Harlow
Special Issue: South African Fiction after Apartheid

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Introduction: South African Fiction after Apartheid
David Attwell and Barbara Harlow
Pages 1-12

Truth, Telling, Questioning: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Antjie Krog's Country of My Skull, and Literature after the Apartheid
Mark Sanders
Pages 13-41

The Whole Country's Truth: Confession and Narrative in Recent White South African Writing
Michiel Heyns
Pages 42-66

The Making and Unmaking of History in Ivan Vladislavić'sPropaganda by Monuments and Other Stories
Christopher Warnes
Pages 67-89

The Pastoral Promise and the Political Imperative: ThePlaasroman Tradition in an Era of Land Reform
Jennifer Wenzel
Pages 90-113

Fiction and the Law: Recent Inscriptions of Gayness in South Africa
Tim Trengove Jones
Pages 114-138

Surviving Murder: Oscillation and Triangulation in Nadine Gordimer's The House Gun
Stephen Clingman
Pages 139-158

"Little enough, less than little: nothing": Ethics, Engagement, and Change in the Fiction of J. M. Coetzee
Michael Marais
Pages 159-182

Mourning the Postapartheid State Already? The Poetics of Loss in Zakes Mda's Ways of Dying
Grant Farred
Pages 183-206

The Smell of ApplesMoby-Dick, and Apartheid Ideology
Rita Barnard
Pages 207-226

Reading the Maternal Voice in Dindiwe Magona's To My Children's Children and Mother to Mother
Meg Samuelson
Pages 227-245

Rediscovery of the Magical: On Fairy Tales, Feminism, and the New South Africa
Emily R. Zinn
Pages 246-272

Interview with Ivan Vladislavić
Christopher Warnes
Pages 273-281

Interview with Sindiwe Magona
David Attwell and Barbara Harlow, with Joan Attwell
Pages 282-295

Pages 296-297

Issue 2

Editor:  William J. Palmer
Assistant Editor: John N. Duvall
General Issue

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Editor's Note
John N. Duvall
Page 299

Of Bones and Suicide: SKY Lee's Disappearing Moon Cafe and Fae Myenne Ng's Bone
Donald C. Goellnicht
Pages 300-330

The Abdication of Culture: The Ideology of Imagology in Milan Kundera's Immortality
Stephen Ross
Pages 331-354

Queerness at Shrewsbury: Homoerotic Desire in Gaudy Night
Marya McFadden
Pages 355-378

Border Work, Border Trouble: Postcolonial Feminism in Bapsi Sidhwa's Cracking India
Ambreen Hai
Pages 379-426

Intertexts of Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace
Hilde Staels
Pages 427-450

Revolutionary Pursuits: Engagements of History and Character in Steve Erickson's Arc d'X
Jim Murphy
Pages 451-479

(Review Essay) Timely Materialisms: New Combinations of Poststructuralism and Cultural Critique
Mitchell R. Lewis
Pages 480-495

(Review Essay) Postcolonial Longings
Kanishka Chowdhury
Pages 496-500

(Review Essay) Nostalgia for a Homogeneous Gay Masculinity
Michael du Plessis
Pages 501-512

Book Reviews
Pages 513-567

Pages 568-569

Issue 3

Guest Editor:  John Paul Riquelme
Special Issue: Gothic and Modernism

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Introduction: Toward a History of Gothic and Modernism: Dark Modernity from Bram Stoker to Samuel Beckett
John Paul Riquelme
Pages 585-608

Oscar Wilde's Aesthetic Gothic: Walter Pater, Dark Enlightenment, and The Picture of Dorian Gray
John Paul Riquelme
Pages 609-631

"Double Born": Bram Stoker and the Metrocolonial Gothic
Joseph Valente
Pages 632-645

Oxford's Ghosts: Jude the Obscure and the End of Gothic
Patrick R. O'Malley
Pages 646-674

Race, Labor, and the Gothic Western: Dispelling Frontier Myths in Dorothy Scarborough's The Wind
Susan Kollin
Pages 675-694

"I'm in the Business Too": Gothic Chivalry, Private Eyes, and Proxy Sex and Violence in Chandler's The Big Sleep
Charles J. Rzepka
Pages 695-724

Parodied to Death: The Postmodern Gothic of American Psycho
Ruth Helyer
Pages 725-748

Reading Rooms: M. R. James and the Library of Modernity
Penny Fielding
Pages 749-771

"No More than Ghosts Make": The Hauntology and Gothic Minimalism of Beckett's Late Work
Graham Fraser
Pages 772-788

(Review Essay) The Horror, The Horror: Recent Studies in Gothic Fiction
Anne Williams
Pages 789-799

Pages 800-801

Issue 4

Editor:  William J. Palmer
Assistant Editor: John N. Duvall
General Issue

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Compositions of Reality: Photography, History, and Ragtime
Laura Barrett
Pages 801-824

Performance and the "Strange Place" of Jessie Redmon Fauset'sThere is Confusion
Susan Levison
Pages 825-848

The "Walking Wounded": Rethinking Black Women's Identity in Ann Petry's The Street
Carol E. Henderson
Pages 849-867

Hemingway's Debt to Stendhal's Armance in The Sun Also Rises
Dana Dragunoiu
Pages 868-892

Tim O'Brien's "True Lies" (?)
Tobey C. Herzog
Pages 893-916

Ressentiment and the Social Poetics of The Great Gatsby: Fitzgerald Reads Cather
Robert Seguin
Pages 917-940

(Review Essay) No Consensus on Ethics: New Work in Ethical Criticism
Jessica Berman
Pages 941-948

(Review Essay) Searching for the New Western Literary Criticism
Janet Dean
Pages 949-958

(Review Essay) The Politics of Modernism
Pericles Lewis
Pages 959-965

(Review Essay) Interdisciplinary Modernisms
Jean Gallagher
Pages 966-970

(Review Essay) Psychodynamics, Seeing, and Being in D. H. Lawrence
Elizabeth M. Fox
Pages 971-978

(Review Essay) The Critical Reception of Ishmael Reed
Pierre-Damien Mvuyekure
Pages 979-983

(Review Essay) Polyphony and Memory in James Joyce's Fiction
Beryl Schlossman
Pages 984-988

(Review Essay) Our Henry James?
David McWhirter
Pages 989-997

(Review Essay) Freedom to Self-Create: Identity and the Politics of Movement in Contemporary African American Fiction
Carol E. Henderson
Pages 998-1003

(Review Essay) Re-Visioning African American Autobiography
Frederick Luis Aldama
Pages 1004-1007

(Review Essay) Tangled Roots: History, Theory, and African American Studies
Ethan Goffman
Pages 1008-1016

(Review Essay) Conjunctions, Disjunctions: Similar Goals, Contradictory Strategies
Arturo Arias
Pages 1017-1024

Book Reviews
Pages 1025-1054

Pages 1055-1057

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