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Courses: Strategic Communication Management

Purdue University’s online Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication is designed to give individuals an advanced understanding of communication for professional success. Students will take COM 60111 and then choose two additional courses to complete the 9 credit hour certificate. Courses are 8 weeks in length conducted asynchronously. 

If you opt to complete the certificate first, credits can be applied to the MS in Communication and MS in Corporate Training and Communication, saving you time.


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Required Course

COM 60111 - Seminar in Strategic Communication (3 credits)

This course surveys the theories and processes of strategic communication and its practice by business, government, politicians and nonprofits – in domestic and international arenas. It also emphasizes the application of theory to provide an in-depth understanding of planning, executing and evaluating strategic communication plans.


Elective Courses (Choose two)

COM 60211 - Seminar in Global Strategic Communication (3 credits)

This course provides students with a global perspective in strategic communication issues with international audiences. The class emphasizes such questions as how strategic communication plans can be successfully implemented in other countries and how plans can be measured and evaluated.

COM 60311 - Seminar in Crisis Communication (3 credits)

This course focuses on how to communicate in a time of crisis in order to manage threats to organizational identity, reputation or financial security.

COM 62111 - Strategic Communication and Social Media (3 credits)

This course provides an overview of social media and its relationship to strategic communication. Students will learn about the available forms of social media (e.g., Blogs, Social Networks and Wikis) and they can help build and manage relationships with stakeholders. Students also analyze social media metrics as a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of social media strategies as tools for developing corporate, nonprofit, and governmental images and brands.

COM 65000 - Communication and Leadership (3 credits)

Communication is the essence of leadership, and this course aims to identify how communication can fuel productivity, drive consensus and push the organization to a leadership position within a market.