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Undergraduate Communication Experience + Theory

Why should I participate in the undergraduate research program?

If you have any interest in graduate school, research experience is a huge plus. But even if you don’t, doing research about a topic or industry related to your career goals can give you experience investigating something in-depth as well as providing you with something to talk about in interviews that will set you apart.

Where can I request more detailed information about the undergraduate research program? 

Contact Professor Josh Boyd.

How can I claim some of this money? 

If you pursue one of the four options listed on the program description page, contact Professor Josh Boyd and he’ll walk you through the process.

Can I be a co-author on a research project, or do I have to write it all by myself? 

You can be a co-author. Only students majoring in communication, however, are eligible.

Is it okay to use a paper I originally wrote as part of a class? 

Yes. It’s generally a good idea to take advantage of your instructor’s feedback to revise that paper before submitting it to a conference.

Can I fly first class to the conference? 

No. Nice try, though.

How can I get help from a professor with my research project? 

Ask. If you find a professor doing work that interests you, or if you have a research idea that’s completely your own, just talk to one of your communication professors and ask for help.

Why haven’t I heard of this program before? Is it reliable?

It’s only been around since 2019! And yes, it’s reliable—if you get accepted to a conference, you’ll get support from the Lamb School.

When should I submit a research paper?

It’s always important to follow directions, and conference deadlines are generally very strict. The list of conferences will give you an idea of when those deadlines are.

Can I get rewards multiple times if I submit more than one research paper that is accepted?

Yes, up to the Purdue undergraduate career maximum amount of money listed under each category.

Am I eligible to submit my work to the conferences?

Different conferences have slightly different requirements, so read the instructions carefully. But we believe that most or all of the conferences on our list will be open to Purdue undergraduates majoring in communication.

Where will I stay?

Conferences usually have housing options or recommendations: either on-campus temporary housing or hotels. The Lamb School will reimburse you for the cost of housing.

How should I prepare if I am going to a conference?

First, understand what kind of responsibility you have:  is it a paper or a poster?  If it’s a paper, you should prepare about a 10-minute presentation highlighting the most interesting or important things about your project. Do not just plan to read your paper; there won’t be enough time, and it would be too boring.  If it’s a poster, contact Professor Josh Boyd to access Purdue resources to print a large poster-sized report on your research.

Does it cover graduate students?

No, you must still be an undergraduate student in the Lamb School to be eligible.

Can I submit my work if I am graduating this semester? 

Unless you plan to continue your education in graduate school at Purdue, probably not. Purdue can only reimburse current students.