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Awards and Award Applications

Alan H. Monroe Graduate Scholar Award

The Alan H. Monroe Graduate Scholar Award has been established to recognize the scholarly activities of graduate students in the School of Communication at Purdue University. Named for Dr. Alan H. Monroe, the founder of the school at Purdue and a pioneer in the discipline of communication, this award is presented to each graduate student in the School of Communication whose cumulative record demonstrates professional scholarship according to the criteria outlined. Once named an Alan H. Monroe Scholar, all recipients shall henceforth be so designated. These individuals exemplify the standards of scholarly excellence pursued within the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University.

This award is made on the basis of points assigned to various scholarly activities and accumulated over the course of one’s graduate career. Scholarly work completed before enrolling in the graduate program in the School of Communication at Purdue may be included in this point total, if the requirements specified are met.

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Monroe Coversheet

Travel Awards

Travel awards are designed to assist those Masters and doctoral students who desire to attend an academic conference and who are making timely degree progress.

* Students are eligible for up to $200 per academic year. The awards will be administered through the school’s Business Office. In order to be considered, applicants must be participating in an academic conference, such as (but not limited to) the annual meetings of AEJMC, CSCA, ICA, or NCA. Students who are (co)authors of a convention paper or poster presentation will be eligible for $200; those participating in some other capacity (e.g., panel chair or respondent, conference attendee) will be eligible for $150 The Graduate Committee envisions making approximately 40 awards per year over the next three years. If monies become more scarce in future years, additional requirements for receiving an award (e.g., having a competitively selected paper) might be imposed.

In order to qualify for a travel reimbursement, a student must submit the following forms to Donna Wireman prior to attending the conference:

  1. A copy of the convention panel program listing the student’s paper
  2. Form 17 travel form

To be reimbursed, you must provide original receipts for flights, lodging, etc. upon your return from the conference, (credit card receipts are not considered as original receipts).

Aside from the School of Communication, the Purdue Graduate Student Government also provides a limited number of awards to graduate students across campus to support travel to professional conferences. For more information on those awards, click here.

* The language about “timely degree progress” is there for a couple of reasons. The Graduate Committee does not intend to provide travel support for graduate students who have left Purdue but not completed their degrees (even though, technically, they still are students in our program). These travel grants will also be a positive reward for students who are making timely progress (i.e., who are reaching, or close to, the benchmarks developed by our committee). If need be, the graduate committee will make decisions about timely degree progress on a case-by-case basis, using the benchmarks as a guide. Refer to Benchmarks for Assessing Degree Progress.