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Information for Employers

The Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University has a formal internship program through which students receive credit when they meet requirements for time worked at approved organizations. One hour of internship credit is earned per sixty hours worked over the course of a semester providing students satisfactorily perform duties related to their professional goals and complete assignments related to their experience. Students can earn up to three hours of internship credit per internship. Students are not required to earn credit for the experience and the decision about whether an internship is credit-bearing is made by the student and/or organization. Students registered for internship credit will be covered under the university’s student professional liability insurance.

If you decide to offer an internship for credit for a Lamb School student, you must submit a description of intern responsibilities and complete an evaluation of the intern near the end of the internship.

If you would like to have an internship at your organization included in the school’s internship database, please send the information and inquiries to the Lamb School’s internship coordinator, Josh Dexter-Wiens.