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Communication Major

The decision of what to major in is an exercise in deciding where your passions and interests align with the real-world problems that require real-world problem solvers. Across industries and the globe, employers consistently rank written and verbal communication at the top of the most-desired skills in employees. This need hasn’t changed for decades, which demonstrates that communication skills aren’t just common sense. Good communicators focus on strategically developing their written, verbal, creative, and technical communication skills. 

A degree in Communication from the Brian Lamb School of Communication will arm you with the practical knowledge and experiences to approach day-to-day issues in organizations, relationships, and the media with skilled problem-solving. Through classes, internships, and other applied experiences, you’ll develop the skills to fuel your persistent pursuit of excellence, skills that will prepare you to face new challenges with the effectiveness and confidence of a seasoned expert.

The Lamb School offers one BA in Communication with a choice of eight concentrations, built-in research, writing, and experiential learning requirements, and countless ways to customize your degree to your skill set and desired career trajectory through course options, study abroad programs, internships, and student organization experiences. Explore the different concentration options below and talk to an advisor today about how you can tailor your degree path.

The major+ concentration model was new in the 2019-2020 academic year. Pre-communication and Communication students who started their Lamb School degree in an earlier academic year have the option of graduating under their first academic catalog with one of our previous five different Lamb School majors or switching to our new Communication major with a concentration. Talk to your advisor today to decide which path is right for you.