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Master's in Communication

Online Master of Communication Degree

Excel in Strategic Communication and Advance Your Career

Purdue University’s online Master of Science in Communication program is designed for working professionals and is taught by award-winning industry experts. The degree offers four concentrations or the ability to customize your own degree with industry-specific knowledge. The program gives you an insider’s mindset to the best ways to develop strategies at local, national, and international levels. 

The online Master’s in Communication program embodies the values that the Brian Lamb School of Communication was founded on, which include a commitment to openness in communication and public affairs. Inspired by this commitment, the curriculum for the graduate degree in communication was designed to teach students more than the textbook definitions of theory and strategy.

Gain Practical Knowledge and Apply it in the Real World

Be empowered to amplify your branding and messaging strategies across international, national, and local platforms with deeper critical-thinking and strategic-communication skills, and learn how, exactly, to pivot quickly in an ever-changing marketplace.

With a Master’s in Communication, you will gain vital knowledge in communication courses covering business, marketing, politics, organizational communications and public relations. A Master of Science in Communication from Purdue University equips you to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and gives you a firm understanding of tools and platforms available for today’s media.


  • Apply strategies based on concepts and theories to solve organizational problems
  • Develop brands and images for organizations
  • Communicate with management and influence decision-making
  • Evaluate and leverage communication to international, national and local audiences
  • Analyze, build and manage relationships through social media
  • Demonstrate mastery of written communication as it relates to media, public relations and advertising
  • Apply ethical principles and decision-making when considering audiences and strategies

Graduate Certificates

Students can transfer their credits from the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management or from the Graduate Certificate in Communication and Leadership to the Master of Science in Communication.