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Undergraduate Communication Experience + Theory

This guide will help you understand more about NCA submission guidelines. For more information, visit the NCA website or talk with a faculty member.

  1. Individual Paper Submissions (completed papers)
    • A title
    • A 300-500 word abstract for the paper
    • Paper Keywords (3 minimum, 5 maximum)
    • Maximum of 25 double-spaced, typewritten pages (excluding the title page, abstract, references, tables, and figures). Be sure to remove any identifying information to ensure an anonymous review. This includes your name, institution, and any contact information.
    • Scholar-to-Scholar Submissions: If you believe your individual paper could be presented in a non-traditional format, check the box in NCA Convention Central to indicate your willingness to present research in a scholar-to-scholar session. Your presentation should be able to utilize an interactive element (e.g. laptop displays, poster sessions, experimental activities) and should be formatted in a way that you can display your work and receive feedback from other scholars.
  2. Praxis Participation: Praxis Participation Proposals are brief explanations about your experience of survival in (relation to) higher education. It should include your experiences or understanding of difficulties experienced in higher education, and what communicative tactics you used to negotiate these tensions. We learn and survive through each other. Please submit this as an individual paper submission.
    • A project title.
    • A 250-500 word overview of the project.
    • A 7-10 (1700-2500 words) page typewritten, double spaced report paper. In the uploaded document, on the title page, indicate this is a Praxis Participation proposal at the top of your submission. Submit as an individual paper submission.
    • The report paper will explain what you are comfortable sharing regarding your experience in academia (the project’s origins, introduction to the project, your experience, what you intend to teach your colleagues in the field, and how you intend to perform public pedagogy in your presentation).
  3. Panel Discussions: A panel discussion consists of a group of panelists discussing a specific topic. Papers are not presented during a panel discussion, but we highly recommend you have written out notes and thought of what you might contribute prior to your presentation. Panel Discussions relating to the convention theme “Communication for Survival” and/or relevance to graduate student life are highly encouraged. Each panel discussion should focus on how to encourage audience participation and discussion. Submitted panel discussions should include:
    • A title for the Panel Discussion
    • A rationale statement (500 words).
    • A panel description for the online convention programs (75 words).
    • Submitted panels should also include a chair and each presenter’s name and affiliation.
    • Submitters are encouraged to include presenters from multiple institutions in sessions and panels. Please provide a brief rationale in the session and panel description for single-institution sessions or panel submissions.

All submitters are encouraged to review the Professional Standards for Convention Participants prior to submission. For additional information on how to submit, check the NCA Convention Resource Library website for more details.