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Information for Students

Students are not required to earn credit for an internship for it to be a legitimate internship in your career development journey.  Some students elect not to register their internships as a COM 490 (Internship for Credit) while still completing rigorous internship work and including that work on their résumés and in their portfolios. Keep in mind that some organizations require that their interns earn academic credit for their work, so always check with your internship employer for details.

To receive credit for your internship, you must register during the semester in which you are interning, including summer work. As a full-time student during the fall and spring semesters, COM 490 will not increase your tuition price. However, if you are a part-time student during Fall or Spring or a part-time Summer student, registering for internship credit will result additional tuition (e.g. summer 2013-2014 fees were about $350 per credit for in-state and $950 for out-of-state students). There is no opportunity for retroactive credit. 

Pre-communication students and Communication Minors can earn one credit for a minimum of 60 hours of work in a semester. Communication Majors (i.e., those students who have advanced beyond their pre-communication status) can earn up to three credits, depending on how many hours they complete in a semester. Because of tuition concerns, some students who qualify to earn two or three credits in a semester in which they are a part-time student (most often Summer) elect to register for only one credit to lower tuition responsibilities.

To register for COM 490 or for more information, please email Josh Dexter-Wiens.