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Undergraduate Communication Experience + Theory

Communication Minor for STEM

Purdue’s Brian Lamb School of Communication offers a communication minor for STEM students as a way to build proficiency in communication to use your content knowledge more effectively.

The communication minor is customizable. You choose the courses you are interested in and there is not set sequence.

COM Minor Requirements

In order to complete the communication minor, you will need to complete 15 credit hours of communication course work. Please keep in mind, 50% of your minor must come from Purdue University, West Lafayette.

You are required to take COM 114 OR COM 217 (one or the other) and COM 102. You pick 1 elective course at 200 level, and 2 elective courses at 300/400 level. If you have questions about these requirements, please speak with your academic advisor. 

Example Plan of Study

1st Year – 3 credits

  • COM 11400 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication OR COM 21700 – Science Writing and Presentation

2nd Year – 3 credits

  • COM 10200 – Introduction to Communication Theory

3rd Year – 3 credits

  • 200-Level Elective

4th Year – 6 credits

  • 300/400-Level Elective
  • 300/400-Level Elective

For a full list of communication courses, view the course catalog here