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BA + MS Combined Degree Program Purdue University

Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Communication for Lamb School Undergraduate Students 

Accelerate your path to success by earning a Master’s degree online

The combined degree in Communication program allows students to complete an undergraduate and graduate degree in Communication in as little as 4 years for 3 year degree students or 5 years for traditional students. Students in the program can take up to 12 credit hours that count toward both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree beginning in their junior year. The Master of Science in Communication degree is entirely online, so students can live and work anywhere after earning their bachelor’s degree.

The Master of Science in Communication program is focused on real world applications and is taught by a variety of industry experts. With a Master’s in Communication, you will grow and expand your knowledge of a variety of communication topics including branding, business, marketing, politics, health communication, organizational communication, and public relations.


  • Save Time. By earning up to 12 credits during your undergraduate program, you can earn the remaining 18 credits and complete your Master’s degree (30 credits) in as little as 3 semesters or one year.
  • Save Money. Up to 4 classes can be included in your undergraduate tuition, which saves up to $6,200 for in-state tuition and $9,800* for out of state tuition off the cost of a graduate degree.
  • Learn from anywhere. The Master of Science in Communication graduate program is 100% online and completely asynchronous, which gives you the flexibility to start your career after completing your undergraduate degree.
  • Set yourself apart in the job market. Communication professionals with Master’s degrees have greater earning potential and are more likely to hold supervisory roles.
  • Take courses and network with industry professionals. You’ll learn from instructors that are industry experts as well as classmates, many of whom are working professionals in the industry.

Have questions? Contact your academic advisor to get started.

Estimates based on 2022-2023 tuition rates. Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Purdue University Board of Trustees.