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Why Apply for Graduate School in the Lamb School?

Exciting and Flexible Curriculum

Students in our program create tailor-made plans of study in collaboration with their faculty advisor and committee. Students are expected to take courses in the Lamb School as well as other academic units across campus. Our primary goal is to help graduate students plan a course of study that is uniquely suited to helping them meet their academic and professional goals.

Competitive Funding Packages

The Lamb School provides excellent support for graduate students in our campus-based program. Students accepted into the program are almost always awarded a .5 teaching assistantship or fellowship. These awards come with tuition remission and competitive stipends. Currently, MA students receive stipend of approximately $23,000.00 for the academic year (Fall/Spring), and Ph.D. students receive a stipend of approximately $25,000.00 for the academic year (Fall/Spring). Summer teaching opportunities are also commonly available. Note: Funding amounts are approximate and are subject to change. Accepted students will receive an offer letter with specific details regarding their funding.

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