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John O. Greene and Carrie L. Johnston Communication Research Laboratory

Welcome to the John O. Greene and Carrie L. Johnston Communication Research Laboratory! Our newly renovated lab has the goal to enhance communication research at the Brian Lamb School of Communication by providing space and equipment that is ready and flexible enough to meet a wide variety of communication research needs. The lab functions alongside the SONA-based Research Participation System that the school uses to allow undergraduate participation in communication research. Research in the lab is conducted by faculty and graduate students in the Lamb School.

Group Grand Opening Photo
Back row: Nathanael Johnson, Dr. Torsten Reimer, David Williams,
Juan Pablo Loaiza Ramírez. Front row: Dr. John Greene, Carrie Johnston

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Location and Space

The John O. Greene and Carrie L. Johnston Communication Research Laboratory is located in the Beering Hall of Liberal Arts in rooms 2292 and 2297, comprised of two main research areas for participants – a computer lab and an auxiliary discussion and focus group room – and an observation room and storage room for researchers to utilize. The computer lab has 8 participant computers within partitioned workspaces for privacy and focus. Additionally, both participant rooms are equipped with a TV with a built-in webcam and microphone for computer-mediated communication environments and with a high-resolution camera system to creating audio-visual recordings of the whole space, managed from the observation room and stored on a secure server in the storage room.

Main Laboratory
Main laboratory space, equipped with cameras, computers, and a webcam-enabled TV.
Axis Communication Systems
Six of these Axis Communications cameras, combined with microphones, are placed throughout the main and auxiliary labs to allow complete capture of both rooms.
Group space
Auxiliary lab space with focus group rooms, a TV, and cameras.


We have come a long way since 1985, when Professor John Greene began collecting data in his own office in the absence of a dedicated lab space. When Beering Hall was built in 1993, this lab space was created to serve the Brian Lamb School research needs, and from 2021 to 2023, the lab space underwent extensive renovations to update the space, bring in new computers, and install the camera and TV systems to open up an ever-increasing number of research possibilities. On September 20th, 2023, the lab space was officially reopened and named the John O. Greene and Carrie L. Johnston Communication Research Laboratory in honor of Professor John Greene and his wife, Carrie Johnston. The lab was officially reopened in a ceremonial ribbon cutting, opening up our doors once again to utilize the space to take giant leaps forward in communication research at Purdue.

We are grateful to all of the people who put a lot of time and energy into the renovation of the lab, in particular Donna Wireman, Mary Roe, Caroline LaPlant, JoLene Lark, Jim Mellish, Gary Wooten, and Thor Bergman.

Dr. John Greene and Carrie Johnston
Dr. John Greene and Carrie Johnston cut the ribbon for the reopening of the lab on September 20th, 2023.

Contact Us

Professor Torsten Reimer (Faculty member, Oversight of the lab) – treimer@purdue.edu

Nathanael Johnson (PhD candidate, Lab manager)- john2370@purdue.edu

Juan Pablo Loaiza Ramírez (PhD student, Lab manager) – jloaizar@purdue.edu