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An important part of having a strong and thriving community is creating an environment wherein everyone is treated with equity, where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. We work to create opportunities to learn and grow together as a community, and spend time socially together. We encourage everyone in our Lamb School community to share their ideas for how we can continue to grow in our persistent pursuit of excellence.

Our students, faculty, and staff actively create opportunities for connection through events and meetings. If you’re hosting or planning an event that you’d like promoted through Lamb School channels, complete this form. Please complete your form at least  two weeks before your event. For larger events such as conferences and speakers who will appeal more broadly than to just Lamb School audiences, please email Caroline at least six weeks in advance to create a custom event promotion plan. In August 2019, we established a standard event promotion response so that students can know where to find consistent up-to-date event information. This standard response is for event information received no later than two weeks before the event. The standard event promotion response includes:

  • Inclusion on the event page of our website.
  • Inclusion in a slide for instructors.
  • Inclusion on the appropriate social media network.

If your event or work in the Lamb School community requires extra funding, you can complete a request for funding here. Please note that, due to conservative financial efforts at the university, our funds may be restricted.


In the Lamb School, we value and promote collaboration – between Lamb School colleagues, with colleagues and students in different departments and offices across Purdue’s campus, with organizations in our community, and with different organizations, universities, and individuals across the globe.

If you are already collaborating with the Lamb School and need to use our Purdue University co-brand logo, please read and accept the terms of use and request a download here. If you would like to request Lamb School financial support as part of a collaborative event, project, or program, you can start with this funding request form. Please note that, due to conservative financial efforts at the university, our funds may be restricted.


Part of having a community where everyone can belong is celebrating all the excellent work and experiences of our students, faculty and staff! We love to celebrate achievements and milestones – big and small – through internal emails and, when appropriate, social media. If you have something celebrate, fill out our Tell Me Something Good form.

For our graduate students, if you have research that has been accepted to present in a poster session, we want to celebrate your great work by displaying your poster in the hallway of our home – the second floor of Beering Hall. We also want to cover the cost of printing your poster. You can read our academic poster printing policy here. You can access academic poster templates here.