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Master's of Art & PHD Programs

Areas of Study

We pride ourselves on our highly-customizable graduate programs. Students in the Lamb School work with their faculty advisors to create highly tailored plans of study typically based on a concentration of study in one of the primary areas and one or two additional areas within or outside the department. Our on-campus graduate program is organized under six primary areas of study each of which offers a variety of courses, research expertise, and partnership within and outside of the school:

  1. Health and Risk Communication
  2. Interpersonal Communication
  3. Media, Technology & Society
  4. Organizational Communication
  5. Political Communication
  6. Public Relations

Interdisciplinary programs are also available in:

  1. Communication and Philosophy
  2. Communication and Aging
  3. Information Assurance and Security
  4. Public Health: MPH – Health Communication track

A student’s program is typically based on a concentration of study and research in one of these areas, designated as the student’s primary area, and one a secondary emphasis in either one or two additional areas chosen from those available within or outside the school. 

The listing of a course under a particular area (e.g. organizational communication) is not intended as a limitation on its being used, when such use is appropriate, under a different heading as part of some other program or area (e.g. interpersonal). Students take courses within and outside of the School of Communication.


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