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Interdisciplinary Studies

PhD and MS in Information Security

In cooperation with the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS), the School of Communication at Purdue University offers an MS and new PhD degree programs in Information Security. This multidisciplinary program is designed to meet national needs and student interests in security and assurance of computer information for the private and public sectors. In addition to communication classes, students should expect to take appropriate courses in computer science, philosophy, management, education, engineering, political science, etc. While a strong computational background would be helpful, it is not required. Current students have diverse interest and include a range of backgrounds — previous work in government, corporate, and journalism/media sectors. NSF fellowships are available to students who meet the qualifications. Students interested in this program should contact Stacey Connaughton, Director of Graduate Studies.

Dual-Title PhD Degree in Communication/Gerontology

Purdue University offers a dual-title Ph.D. in Gerontology and several related disciplines including Communication. Students complete all degree requirements for the Ph.D. program in Communication. To earn the dual-title Ph.D., students must complete 24 hours (of the 42 hours in total) of coursework focused on gerontology, complete a dissertation which investigates a topic related to aging, and have their dissertation committee chaired by a faculty member who associates with the gerontology program. Often the duel-degree program can be completed without extending the length of time in our Ph.D. program. More details.