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Master's in Communication

Courses and Sample Plan of Study 

Recommended courses from the Master of Science in Communication program

COM 601 Seminar in Strategic Communication

Seminar in Strategic Communication surveys the theories and processes of strategic communication and its practice by business, government, politicians and nonprofits – in domestic and international arenas.

COM 603 Crisis Communication

Seminar in Crisis Communication focuses on how to communicate in a time of crisis in order to manage threats to organizational identity, reputation or financial security.

COM 604 Communication Research Methods

Seminar in Communication Research Methods serves as the methodological foundation of strategic communication. Students in this class survey core research methods, both qualitative and quantitative, in professional and applied settings.

COM 607 Strategic Communication and Fundraising

Strategic Communication and Fundraising considers effective fundraising campaign design by reviewing major theoretical approaches, best practices in fundraising management, and implications for message design and mediums.

COM 609 Public Relations

Strategic Public Relations covers not only theoretical perspectives in public relations but also the applications those perspectives hold in PR practice, especially in the strategic planning process.

COM 621 Strategic Communication and Social Media

Strategic Communication and Social Media provides an overview of social media as students learn how to build and manage relationships with stakeholders and analyze social media metrics as a framework for evaluating effectiveness.

COM 640 Advertising

Seminar in Advertising provides an overview of the strategic planning process for advertising including identifying the target audience, determining a positioning strategy and developing a communication media strategy.

COM 641 Introduction to Marketing Communication

Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication offers insight into strategies and best practices for developing cohesive and integrated external and internal communication initiatives across traditional and social media channels.

COM 646 Corporate Branding

Strategic Corporate Branding examines best practices, trends, and creative strategies used in contemporary business branding with emphasis on experiential learning, case study analysis, and the application of relevant theory to provide an in-depth understanding of the development, planning, execution, and evaluation of business brands.