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Graduate Student Ena Foreman Uses Her Communication Skills to Challenge Popular Misconceptions

Nov 6, 2023 | Online - Master of Science in Communication

Purdue’s online MS in Communication student Ena Foreman is a passionate communicator who brings energy and dedication to every conversation she has – but even as a communication expert, her communication style is sometimes misconstrued.  

In this Q&A story, Ena discusses how her communication style shapes her interactions, fosters collaboration, and drives her toward making a positive impact on the world. She also discusses some of the misconceptions that surround certain communication styles, ultimately showing how complex communication is, and the importance of understanding it. 


Q: What does your communication style say about you and what misconceptions have there been along the way that you’ve had to overcome? 

A: My communication style says that I am passionate, insightful, and open to new ideas. 

I believe being a passionate communicator means that you show enthusiasm, energy, and dedication towards the topic at hand, which ultimately makes your messages more engaging. By showing passion in the work I do and the way I communicate, I can captivate audiences in the most impactful ways. 

We are surrounded by communication in our everyday lives from conversations with friends, family, and co-workers, to news outlets and digital media. I believe it’s important to be insightful in the communication I give and receive, to show a deep understanding of the subject or a willingness to learn, use critical thinking skills, and analyze the purpose. Being open means that I am receptive to different ideas, feedback, and perspectives, which foster an environment of dialogue, collaboration, and growth. 

I’ve faced many misconceptions based on communication styles. The most common being that an introverted individual (such as myself) can still possess great passion and insight, even if their communication style is less expressive than someone more extraverted. A more reserved demeanor does not diminish someone’s passion or depth of understanding; it merely manifests differently. 

Communication is how we express ourselves, our thoughts, and our values. It’s how we grow, build relationships, and connect with the world around us. 

Everyone’s communication style is their own in how they would present to the world who they are. I hope mine shows I’m focused on making the world, within my span of control, a better place 

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