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Masters Corporate Training and Communication

Job Outlook: Master’s in Corporate Training and Communication

Accelerate Your Job Growth

Purdue’s online Master’s Degree in Corporate Training and Communication is suitable for anyone with an undergraduate degree, including early and mid-career professionals seeking to expand their educational credentials and advance more swiftly, or those in management roles who want to enhance their skills.

Students in this online Master’s Degree in Corporate Training and Communication program will gain career-enhancing skills in leadership, management, team building, organizational change, workforce development, professional presentations, communication planning, crisis communication, curriculum development, and more. They will also gain a better understanding of related technology such as social media and learning platforms.

Among others, the program is appealing to people interested in designing enhanced learning experiences; designing, supervising, and assisting in education initiatives; guiding workforce performance improvement; managing teams; and implementing organizational changes. 

Training your employees can increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity. Training can also help your organization adhere to processes and creative approaches, thereby charting paths to meet organizational goals.

Gain career-enhancing skills in strategic communication and instructional design that are needed in a variety of organizations and contexts. Become prepared to design, assess, and evaluate training and communication effectiveness in corporate and other settings and move into jobs in:

  • HR Educators
  • K-12 Administration
  • E-learning Managers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Corporate Leadership
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Corporate Compliance Officers
  • Internal Relations Directors
  • Administrators focused on professional presentations
  • Professional Development Administrators
  • Talent Developers
  • Virtual Training Developers
  • Teachers interested in moving to a corporate training role

You will find opportunities across industries, from corporations and nonprofit’s to the military and government. When you complete Purdue University’s online Master’s in Corporate Training and Communication, you’ll expand your educational credentials, enhance your skills and advance more swiftly in your profession


Sample Job Titles and Average Salaries You Can Earn With a Master’s in Corporate Training and Communication:

  • HR Trainer, $78,395
  • E-learning  Manager, $75,114
  • Director of Organizational Development and Learning, $115,232

Grow Your Professional Network

Purdue University strives to help you foster valuable connections and is committed to your career growth. Purdue’s online Master’s in Corporate Training and Communication program provides you with the opportunity to build strong professional relationships with your fellow classmates, who come from a wide array of professional backgrounds.