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Faculty Directory

Assistant Director of Operations

Name Research/Focus Email Room
Stephanie M. Ayala-Chittick Assistant Director of Operations BRNG 2274H

Senior Administrative Assistant

Name Research/Focus Email Room
Carly Smith Senior Administrative Assistant BRNG 2274J


Name Title(s) Research/Focus Email Room
Ahmed Idrissi Alami Associate Professor Arabic and Comparative Literature SC 260
Ekaterina Babintseva Assistant Professor History of Science and Technology in the 20th Century BRNG 6178
Andy Baker Professor Global Development BRNG 2268
Miriam Barnum Assistant Professor International Security BRNG 2254
Robyn A. Bartlett Associate Professor HEAV 313
Melanie Beasley Assistant Professor STON B7
Andrew Bellisari Assistant Professor  
Samuel Bennett Assistant Teaching Professor BRNG 2251
Michael Bergmann Professor BRNG 7140
Gabrielle Byrd Assistant Professor BRNG 2174
Charles Campbell Assistant Professor Greek and Latin Literature SC 255
Charlie Catalano Assistant Teaching Professor BRNG 2162
Huiying Chen Assistant Professor Chinese History, Early Modern History BRNG 6158
Mollie Cohen Assistant Professor Elections and Behavior BRNG 2260
Jessica R. Collier Assistant Professor BRNG 2133
Yan Cong Assistant Professor Chinese and Computational Linguistics SC G015
Stacey Connaughton Professor BRNG 2176
Daniel Conner Assistant Teaching Professor Latin Literature SC 103
Austin Cooper Assistant Professor Contemporary International History, History of Science and Technology BRNG 6165
Jesse Crosson Assistant Professor Legislatures; Political Economy BRNG 2216D
Tara Cuthbertson Assistant Teaching Professor
Frederick Rowe Davis Professor History of Science, Environmental History BRNG 6104
Dada Docot Assistant Professor REC 300
William Dory Visiting Assistant Professor BRNG 2256
Catherine Dossin Associate Professor PAO 3157
Joshua Doyle Assistant Professor Social Psychology STON 339
Christopher Ewing Assistant Professor Modern European History/LGBTQ History BRNG 6163
Daniel Frank Professor BRNG 7135
Elise Frketich Assistant Teaching Professor
Jacqui Frost Assistant Professor Religion STON 326B
Ariel de la Fuente Professor BRNG 6164
Tyler Girard Assistant Professor Politics of Digital Technology BRNG 2250
Javier Gomez-Lavin Assistant Professor BRNG 7143
Lindsay Hamm Assistant Teaching Professor STON 326E
Chantel Haughton Assistant Professor Health Com/Public Relation BRNG 2152
Matt Hauske Visiting Instructor BRNG 2274A
Elizabeth Hoffmann Professor Law & Society STON 351
Lynn Hooker Associate Professor PAO 2103
Tina Irvine Assistant Professor Modern U.S. History BRNG 6171
Elsayed Issa Assistant Professor Arabic and Computational Linguistics SC 288
Kathryn Maxson Jones Assistant Professor Neuroscience, Biology, AI BRNG 6169
T. Cole Jones Associate Professor American Revolution, Colonial America BRNG 6160
Patrick Kain Associate Professor BRNG 7138
Danielle Kane Assistant Professor STON 352
Alon Kantor Lecturer SC 158
Brett Karlan Assistant Professor BRNG 7128
Cara Kinnally Asistant Professor Spanish and Latin American Literature SC 190
Michelle LaBonte Assistant Professor History of Medicine BRNG 6161
Jonathan Lande Assistant Professor African American History, Military History, History of Race BRNG 6157
Paula Leverage Associate Professor French Literature, Film, Cognitive Studies SC 157
Zachary Loeb Assistant Professor Computing, Cybersecurity, Technology, Disasters BRNG 6167
Olga Lyanda-Geller Assistant Professor Russian and Comparative Literature SC 180
Alfred J. López Professor BRNG 6176 / HEAV 324
Corey Maley Associate Professor BRNG 7137
Michael Malone Associate Teaching Professor
Marcus Mann Assistant Professor Political STON 309
Claire Mason Assistant Teaching Professor
JP Messina Assistant Professor BRNG 7145
Silvia Z. Mitchell Associate Professor Early Modern Europe, Spanish Monarchy BRNG 6129
James Mollison Assistant Teaching Professor
John Mulhall Assistant Professor BRNG 6173
Michael Nichols Assistant Teaching Professor
Lynn Parrish Assistant Teaching Professor BRNG 7101
Evan Perrault Associate Professor BRNG 2158
David Peterson Assistant Professor Science & Technology STON 350
Rhodes Pinto Assistant Teaching Professor
Yvonne M. Pitts Associate Professor American Legal and Constitutional History, Citizenship, Sexual Regulation BRNG 6127
Ashley M. Purpura Associate Professor HEAV G36B
Sebastian Murgueitio Ramirez Assistant Professor BRNG 7133
Brandon Rdzak Assistant Teaching Professor
Sarah Renkert Assistant Professor STON 219E
Liana Eustacia Reyes Assistant Professor Civil Wars, Law, Conflict Resolution BRNG 2256
David Riesbeck Assistant Teaching Professor
Sarah Robins Associate Professor BRNG 7124
Kali Rubaii Assistant Professor REC 301
Eric Sampson Assistant Professor BRNG 7127
Daniel Schiff Assistant Professor AI Policy and Ethics BRNG 2228
Kaylyn Jackson Schiff Assistant Professor Technology and Local Politics BRNG 2264
Lea Aurelia Schroeder Assistant Professor BRNG 7129
Mary (Molly) Scudder Associate Professor Political Theory and Democracy BRNG 2224
Stacy Sivinski Assistant Teaching Professor
Jeremy Sklar Assistant Professor STEW G88
Michael G. Smith Professor BRNG 6170
Swati Srivastava Associate Professor Global Governance, Technology BRNG 2258
Margaret Mih Tillman Associate Professor BRNG 6154
Joan Timoneda Assistant Professor BRNG 2230
Tulin Tosun Assistant Teaching Professor
Minh Trinh Assistant Professor Authoritarian Regimes BRNG 2232
Jeffrey Turco Associate Professor German and Medieval Literature
Maria Waggoner Assistant Professor BRNG 7154
Jody Taylor Watkins Associate Teaching Professor WANG 4094
Peter Watkins Assistant Teaching Professor WANG 4092
Lindsey Wedow Assistant Professor of Teaching  
Robbee Wedow Assistant Professor Sociogenomics STON 333A
Li Wei Assistant Teaching Professor Chinese Literature SC G011
Evan Westra Assistant Professor BRNG 7141
William White Associate Teaching Professor BRNG 2259
Subodhana (Subo) Wijeyeratne Assistant Professor History of Science, History of East Asia BRNG 6182
Melissa Will Assistant Teaching Professor International Security BRNG 2216c
Daniel Winchester Associate Professor Religion STON 348
Courtney T. Wittekind Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Woodward Assistant Professor PAO 3155
Christopher Yeomans Professor BRNG 7105D
Shan Zhou Assistant Professor Public Policy, Energy Justice, Sustainability BRNG 2238

HSSE Library Liaison

Name Research/Focus Email Room
Kristin Leaman HSSE Library Liaison Stewart Center, Room 253


Name Title(s) Email Room
Sarah Starks Academic Advisor


Name Title(s) Research/Focus Email Room
Melinda S. Zook Director Early Modern European History, Tudor-Stuart England, Political Thought and Culture, Women and Gender BRNG 6162